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What Students Say About My Teaching

“I am so glad that I had such a positive experience in your class, and I owe that to your teaching! You made such an effort to know what our class needed and I very much appreciate that. I feel so much more prepared to teach science to my future students and see them thrive as scientists!”


“This class has truly been one of my favorites in this program. You have been so accommodating and it is one of the few times I have felt heard, appreciated, and known by a professor. Something I truly value in any person is empathy, and you truly showed concern and love for your students everyday of class. You wanted to build relationships with us and that makes us as students so much more motivated to work in your class. I hope to reflect your kindness, care, patience, and understanding into my own classroom. Thank you for being such a great teacher and creating such a fun class!”


“I am so grateful for this class. I have officially let go of the idea that someone can be ‘bad at science’.”


“This class allowed me to think more complexly about what science is and that science is so much more than Albert Einstein and the Periodic Table.“


“This class certainly changed my view on science as I've never taken a science class with such a warm and welcoming environment.”


“This class was one of my favorite science classes that I have ever taken! I had pretty much given up the idea that science could be fun, and was really dreading having to take a science class this semester. However, that idea has completely shifted, and I looked forward to coming to this class every week!”


“Your hard work to keep us engaged and feel welcome in the classroom did not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate the classroom space you created for us!” 


“This class helped to change my view in science and science teaching in that science is more fun and interesting when it is not taught out of the textbook.”

Courses Taught:

Teaching Science in Elementary Schools (Spring 2024)

Undergraduate level course (two sections)

Instructor of record

College of Education & Human Development, University of Missouri


Science for Early Childhood Education (Fall 2023)

Undergraduate level course (with online and face-to-face sections)

Instructor of record

College of Education & Human Development, University of Missouri 


Science for Elementary Education (Spring 2022, Fall 2021, Spring 2021)

Undergraduate level course 

Instructor of record

Mary Frances Early College of Education, University of Georgia

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